Saturday, May 8, 2010

Photoshoot preview!

We had our big photoshoot last friday with the super fun and talented Sloans of Sloan photography. Katie's dresses were heavenly of course, they way we design our stuff to go together without even really coordinating that much is creepy, like she says- it's like we share a brain or at least a design brain if there is such a thing :-) Others who made the day amazing are Snapdragon studio in Phoenix especially Lainie for the Fabulous hair and my amazingly talented friend Rosie of Dollface ink for the pretty, pretty makeup. Thanks to the models for letting us dress them up like dolls all day!

This past April has been the busiest I've had and now it's time for a little fun and relaxation as the husband and I ALONE head off for France to visit the Alpes and Provence regions on a little road trip. I am excited but sad to be leaving my little girl for so long. She seems to fine with it as long as we bring back "gummi snails" (a little treat I brought her back from my trip there in February) I will be posting lots of pictures of the beautiful and inspiring things we see. We will also be scouring a few markets in the Provence area we didn't get to search in Feb for fabulous finds that will be available in my vintage shop- So stay tuned for another French adventure!

Oh and the etsy shops will be on vacation mode starting today, I will contact everyone as soon as I return on the 18th of May.

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