Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are we in France yet???

       These containers would look great in this venue!

Do you ever wish you could steal away to the south of france and have a lazy brunch sipping mimosas and eating well prepared organic foods?  You can!  Arcadia Farms in Scottsdale is such a charming little piece of the dream right here in the valley- just ignore that little plaque behind us that says "Bienvenidos a Arcadia farms" and pretend it reads "Bienvenue a Provence".  We recently took our friends Seth and Amanda (also francophiles) and pretended to be away from it all.  This place would make a lovely venue for an intimate lunch wedding or as the day after family brunch site.  I also dream of hosting a Mom's brunch here with an open bar on Mimosas! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kid's music that won't make you die inside...

another awesome picture from Kym

Aaron and I are always in search of good kids music, the kind that will inspire a young mind to maybe dance to a different beat, you know, create and form a little artistic brain.  We've found some good stuff like Dan Zanes, the standard Jack Johnson, Lisa Loeb has a great kids album and our latest find- Frances England is so good you'd probably listen to it on the way to the grocery store without your kid(s) in the back seat.  Check her out...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Attention crafty ladies!

All you DIY-er's should check out the newest offering from Bright Event Gallery.  I've noticed it's become more popular among brides to do it yourself, which I personally support and I always offer my bride's free floral advice on easy centerpeices or other easy decor projects.  So all of you crafty girls need to check this out!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creating a stylish budget wedding

This is a sneak peak at a fabulous package we'll be offering along with 3 other fabulous vendors that have been mentioned over and over again in this blog so far, just because they really are THAT good!!!  Coming soon to my revamped website will be a "wedding package" page for that bride who is on a budget but wants style and beauty.  Oh yeah, those vendors again are Ventola Photography, Sweet Pea Bakery, and Paperjoy.  Call or email any of us for details!