Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First day

We woke up rested and ready for spring! The cow bells were tinkling in the pasture behind us as we ate our breakfast. We dressed and prepared for a nature walk that was amazing, the smell of the earth is indescribable especially for us desert folk who are not used to the potent smell of earth and damp, it was really exhilarating. Then a drive to Divonne les bains for a light lunch, buying a tarte citron for the evening meal and window shopping. Later we drove to the lakeside town of Nyon which has an amazing chateau perched on a hill overlooking the lake. Then home to yet another wonderful dinner prepared by Aaron's Aunt Phyllis, now time for bed. Tomorrow is the flea market at Plain Palais in Geneva and thrift shopping in Carrouges!

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  1. Jenn! Everything looks and sounds perfect!