Sunday, February 21, 2010

Le marche- Plain Palais!

Whew! back from a long but wonderful day of driving from Geneva to Lyon- gastronomic capital of France- more on the treasures found there later!

Now I have time to sit and share some pictures of the Plain Palais market in Geneva- first of all, we've had spectacular weather so far- upper forties, low fifties and sunny, perfect flea market weather. We hit the market, located in a city square that houses a heavily grafittied skate park around 10am and searched through the piles an piles of fantastic junk! Here are a few of the treasures to emerge- some of these will be available in the etsy store soon!

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  1. oh my did you not buy EVERYTHING!!! I love everything you have, it will take all I have in me not to buy it all from you :)