Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The sweetest pea...

What could be more merry than the 25 extra pounds you'll put on from eating all that luscious holiday food??  Well, spend those calories wisely- on chocolate macaroons of course, at the Sweet pea bakery in downtown Phoenix.  Kym and I founded our blog "2 nerds in Phoenix" there and had our first photo session outside the bakery.  We're excited to be working on more projects with the super talented owner and chef Danielle.  

PS.  How awesome is this photography?!  Thanks Kym!


  1. I love Sweet Pea, their cupcakes are the BEST! Also love that you started a blog - I'm subscribing. :)

  2. Happy new year sir

    My name is Cuile . i from ShanDong province of China . the new year is coming . best wishes for you and your family .

    could we to be friend ?