Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Friends

The super cute apron in action!


Emma and Lydia continue the tradition with eerily similar personalies

Best friends always seem to know how to make you feel special at the time when you need it most.  I am lucky enough to have several "best friends" in my life, Amanda is an old "frenemy" turned sister-like best bud.  We really had it out for each other when we were roomies in college, I think because we were so much alike and couldn't stand to admit it!  Since I had Emma we have reconnected- our hubbies are BFF's too, how convenient, except the real curse here is they live in Camp Hill, PA, I think it is our karma coming back from when we were rotten to each other in those college days!  So now we are cursed to be long distance best friends, probably forever...booooo!!!!!  Move to Arizona you guys!!!

Amanda sent me this amazing apron after I told her how much I admired my friend Lizzie's.  It matches my style and personality in this totally fundamental way that only a best friend would understand.  Thank you so much for getting me...and getting me this fabulous apron!  

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