Monday, April 4, 2011

Going on maternity leave!

Ok, it's getting REAL close now, so I'm going to be closing the etsy shop this Friday, April 8th in order to have time to finish all open orders and still have at least a few moments to relax before this baby is born. We will open back up in mid-late May with a brand new Summer 2011 wedding collection that is GORGEOUS!! I will be posting sneak peaks here on the blog at some point so check back in :-) Also, of course will be pics of the new baby, my best project yet!


  1. I got my hair piece the other day and I LOVE it. I tried it on with the dress and it is absolutely perfect. Thank you SO much and I will be more than happy to promote your shop, especially once I can post pictures of my hairpiece after the wedding. I wrote a little about it on my blog today actually.

    A more than satisfied customer,

  2. Yay Breanne, so glad you loved it :-) can't wait to see pics!!