Friday, November 20, 2009

The "Oswald" chair...

It's odd sometimes, the places we find daughter is in an "Oswald" phase right now. Oswald is a cartoon on what used to be the noggin channel. Oswald is a welcome change from regular cartoons, the show's overall pace is slow and calm, in the same vein as "Little bear"- all you Moms and Dads know what I'm talking about right? Oswald is a blue octopus with very odd little friends. So this chair is dedicated to Oswald who helps to bring an air of clam and peace to our house.

It is a new chair that has been custom painted with washable fabric paint. The seat cover is removeable for easy cleaning, but you still need to hand wash or dry clean it. The eyes are made of felt and vintage buttons. Oh yeah, this chair will be for sale at the Hopi elementary craft fair tomorrow, but if you want to reserve it now call me- 602-944-0585.

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