Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dollface ink

This is Rosie on her wedding day, thanks to Ventola photography

She was cool enough to pimp my flower pin on this dreamy shoot, check out her skills!

Thanks to photographer Kailas!

Rosie of Dollface ink has been one of my best buds since we were in 8th grade, can you believe that?!  Oh the dirt we have on each other, and oh, the embarrassing pictures we have of each other!  I remember doing our super dark brown lipliner in the mirror of the girls bathroom at our super small private school, we had 6 people in our 10th grade class.  Needless to say we were tight, and we shared everything, including makeup tips and products of course.  Look at her now- the super talented and ultra chic owner of Dollface ink!  Ladies if you want to look your best on your big day give her a call-  602-403-1074.  Don't worry- she's way over the super dark brown lipliner :-)

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